Welcome to Move2Marbella, where your real estate journey is guided by discretion and honesty from your trusted experts with over 20 years of experience in the business.


Our Approach

At Move2Marbella, our approach revolves around you—your unique needs, aspirations, and concerns. We believe in taking the time to truly understand what matters most to you. Whether it's connecting you with trusted service providers or providing guidance on property management, we are committed to being your dedicated real estate partner.

Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience in the local market, we seamlessly blend local expertise with a global perspective. This comprehensive view empowers us to identify opportunities and navigate complexities with finesse. Beyond the deal itself, we offer a continuum of support to ensure your real estate experience is not just successful but also satisfying.


Why Choose Us?

Choosing Move2Marbella means choosing experience and expertise in the dynamic world of real estate. Our seasoned agents bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, mastered negotiation techniques, and cultivated a deep understanding of local trends—all of which work to your advantage.

What sets us apart is our team's unparalleled, intimate knowledge of the local market. We know the neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and emerging trends like the back of our hand. This familiarity ensures that we can provide you with accurate valuations and expert guidance on your property decisions.

With discretion and honesty as our guiding principles, Move2Marbella stands as your reliable partner, ready to guide you through every step of your real estate journey. Choose Move2Marbella for a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a commitment to your success in the world of real estate.

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Ferias in Andalucia

A feria (fair in English) is an annual local festival/carnival held in Spain and other parts of the world, usually to commemorate the town’s patron saint. Cities all over Spain have their feria, but the ones in Andalusia are especially well-known because they encompass elements that people typically associate with Spain: funfairs, flamenco-in...

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Addressing Drought and Water Supply Challenges in the Costa del Sol

The picturesque Costa del Sol, renowned for its stunning coastline and vibrant lifestyle, faces a pressing issue threatening its sustainability: drought. The scarcity of rainfall in recent years has not only impacted the region’s natural environment but also strained its water supply, prompting authorities to implement measures to mitigate the crisis....

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Traffic and parking fines on the Costa del Sol

It is expected to have nightmares when you receive a traffic fine for speeding or parking in the wrong place while abroad or when your car is towed away by Grua. In our article, we provide information on how to handle traffic fines in general, road parking fines, and what you should do if Grua tows your car away. Scary monster of parking in the wrong place,...

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The 20 Best European Destinations In 2024

Based on the vote of more than one million travelers from 172 countries, the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization has released its list of the 20 trendiest places — selected from 500-plus — to be awarded the title “The Best European Destination in 2024”. With a record number of votes, Marbella, Spain, lands at th...

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