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Water restrictions on the Costa del Sol

Rainfall below average values in the last 5 years In general, the rains from October 2023 to January 2024 in the Andalusian Mediterranean Basins have again been below historical average values, hovering around 30% of the average in numerous systems, as collected by the Board in a statement. This situation, which is repeated for the fifth consecutive year si...

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School enrolment is Spain

When enrolling your children in kindergarten or public school, one of the most important requirements is that the chosen center is close to your home your usual place of residence. What documents do I need to enroll my child in school in Spain? When registering children, parents must provide a series of documentation, which consists of: Identification d...

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New regulations for tourist properties

The Junta de Andalucía has approved a new regulation on housing for tourist use, which leaves in the hands of municipalities the possibility of establishing limitations on this type of accommodation, either from the urban planning point of view or through ordinances. It does, however, ask for "proportionality" and that "free competition" be guaranteed...

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Buying guide 2024

Move2Marbella's latest publication, the Buying Guide 2024, has just been published.This magazine was compiled based on regular questions from buyers and interested parties.  The result of decades of local experience will help you to find information that will save you time, effort and money and avoid disappointments. And all this for free, no need...

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Eva Longoria shows her new house in Marbella

  Almost 20 years have passed since October 3, 2004, and a lot has happened in Eva Longoria's life. That day marked the premiere of Desperate Housewives, the show that marked a turning point in her career. And with this change came further major changes on a professional, emotional and personal level. From taking on more challenges behind the scene...

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Top 10 reasons for Marbella

More and more people are choosing Marbella as a second residence, and many are also buying for investment purposes. I have summarized the 10 most popular reasons for choosing Marbella in the points below.I have been living on the Costa del Sol for 13 years and many people contact me about buying real estate. In recent years, especially many Hungarians have c...

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How Can You Buy a Spanish Property on Credit?

  Under what conditions can a Spanish property be bought on credit? Can a Hungarian citizen get a loan in Spain? These and similar questions arise when our clients want to buy real estate.Recently, more and more people are buying property in and around Marbella. Some continue to expand their investments in the international real estate market, bu...

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Illegal apartment reservations in Spain

A squatter, or as they call it in Spain, okupa, is a person who lives in a property without the owner's consent. The squatters in Spain and the movement they represent have attracted more and more widespread attention and debate in the country in recent years. Every year, 15,000-17,000 apartments are occupied illegally, a significant majority of which (43%)...

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Estepona - the new "Marbella"

Estepona is a beautiful city in southern Spain, in the Costa del Sol region. It belongs to the autonomous community of Andalucia and is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on its northern coast. Estepona is a place where both tradition and modern lifestyle can be found, offering many attractions to those who live here or visit. In this article, we...

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Márton Mlinárik - The Marbella mission

A Marbella mission was launched under the command of real estate specialist Márton Mlinárik. The famous YouTube Vlogger and his staff visited the Costa del Sol and interviewed Dr. Zsolt Horváth, the founding CEO of Move2Marbella and his colleagues. So far, more than 20,000 people have watched the  documentary film published und...

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Taxation of income from renting out the property

You are usually subject to tax on the income from renting out the property. However, exact taxes and tax rates may vary from country to country. In general, the tax base for rental income is the amount of income from which certain costs and tax benefits can be deducted. If the owner is an individual, then the income from the rental is subject to the "IRPF...

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Victoria, heiress to the Swarovski empire, buys villa in Marbella

Swarovski Jewelry heiress Victoria Swarovski has joined the Roel Homes development group as an ambassador for luxury promotion and has also bought a villa. The Gallery by Minotti Marbella is located in the Palo Alto region, on an area of ​​more than 4.5 hectares, which is a completely closed, private residential complex with 5-star hotel servi...

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How to calculate the transmission tax in Marbella?

  When buying a used property, one of the most important questions is how much tax you have to pay. The purchase price is included in the sales contract, but this price is not taken into account by the tax authorities in all cases. It is known that the transfer tax (Impuesto sobre las Transmisiones Patrimoniales, ITP) has been uniformly 7% in Andal...

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NIE Number

If you are planning to move to Spain in 2023/2024 or have already made the big move, one of the first things you will need is a Spanish NIE Number. You'll need this number for everything if you're thinking of buying a property in Marbella or want to take a job. WHAT IS A NIE AND WHAT TYPES ARE THERE ? A NIE number ( Número de Identidad de Extranjero...

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Top 7 Flamenco Shows in Costa del Sol

Flamenco, a traditional Spanish folk music style with its roots dating back around 500 years in Andalucía, is a captivating and passionate art form that includes singing (cante), guitar playing (toque), dancing (baile), and handclapping (palmas). It's a mesmerizing cultural heritage believed to have been initiated by Romani gypsies. When you think of...

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